Confidentiality Statement



Thank you for your confidence in our ability to serve you. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in your business and look forward to a continuing relationship. Because we value our relationship with you, we feel that it is important to provide you with assurances as to the steps that we take to safeguard your confidential information.


In connection with our performance of services, we may be furnished or given access to knowledge, information, data, compilations of data, customer-identifying information, reports, and documents that are confidential, trade secrets of, and proprietary to you (i.e., information not in the public domain) including, but not limited to, information about and on your products, customers, and business operations and strategy (“Confidential Information”).


We use Confidential Information only for the purposes of performing services for you. We shall not use such Confidential Information for the benefit of our company or any third party, nor shall we divulge or convey to any person or business any such Confidential Information except as strictly necessary to perform the services, and provided such person or business shall agree in writing to be bound to the obligations of confidentiality hereunder. We will take such steps as may be reasonable to prevent the disclosure or use of any Confidential Information by any of our employees, agents, or subcontractors, except as expressly noted herein. Our obligations as to Confidential Information shall not apply to information that:


  1. is or becomes publicly available through no fault of our own;
  2. is disclosed to us by a third party entitled to disclose such information;
  3. is already known to us as shown by our prior written records;
  4. is independently developed by us or our affiliates as evidenced by written records; or
  5. is required by law or court order to be disclosed; provided, however, that in such a case we shall give you prompt notice of such required disclosure so that you may have an opportunity to contest such disclosure or obtain protective orders regarding such disclosure.


All Confidential Information is and shall remain your sole and exclusive property. We will not claim any license, interest, or ownership rights of any kind to or under any Confidential Information, inventions, patents, “know-how”, trade secrets, trademarks, or copyrights owned or controlled by you or your affiliates. Thank you again for placing your trust in Advanced Computer Solutions, LLC. We look forward to serving you.




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